Jennifer Redding


For Design

Jennifer Redding’s appreciation of nature – especially flowers – began at a young age while spending summers in the garden with her father. As a third grader, Jennifer won a floral design contest and got her picture in the local paper. She’s been passionate about flowers her entire life and her love for Vermont began when she attended a summer camp as a young girl. She dreamed of one day living there and being surrounded by flowers and animals.

Jennifer moved to Vermont in 1990 and, inspired by the surrounding textures, colors, and composition of the landscape, she began her career in garden design. Jennifer Redding Events was born as a creative outlet for her expertise in floral arranging and flair for presentation.

Years of growing flowers and designing events have imbued both a passion and patience in Jennifer. She loves to listen to her clients express their desires and work with them to help bring conceptual ideas into a cohesive aesthetic. Her critical eye for detail and design, honed over years of floral design experience leads to a seamless execution that creates unique memories and moments for every client.

Jennifer has had the good fortune over the years to work with many talented professionals in interior design and photo shoot styling. Her work has appeared in HOME Magazine, Vermont Vows, and Master Colorist Susan Sargent’s book “Colorscapes”. She holds a degree from the Jane Packer School of Floral Design in Manhattan and is a certified Master Gardener.


Makes Her Unique

Jane Packer School of Floral Design

Jennifer holds a degree from the internationally renowned Jane Packer School of Floral Design in New York City. Jennifer also holds a degree as a master gardener.

Farm Garden

Jennifer Redding Events is located in Southern Vermont, on a 40-acre Morgan Horse Farm. Jennifer cultivates and harvests many of her own native flowers on the farm that she uses in her arrangements.

Attentive to Clients

Jennifer loves getting to know her clients and listening to them express their hopes and desires for their event. She then works with them to bring conceptual ideas into a cohesive aesthetic that comes to life at their event.

Master Gardener